Families bereaved of their only child,Integrated medical and nursing care,Type of elderly care,Caregivers,Root cause analysis,"/> 失独家庭父母的养老意愿及影响因素研究
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1.310053浙江省杭州市,浙江中医药大学人文与管理学院 2.310053浙江省杭州市,浙江中医药大学公共卫生学院 3.310006浙江省杭州市,浙江中医药大学附属第一医院治未病中心
Status and Influencing Factors for Self-reported Elderly Care Options among Chinese People Bereaved of Their Only Child 
1.School of Humanities and Management,Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou 310053,China
2.School of Public Health,Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou 310053,China
3.Center for Health and Disease Prevention,First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang Chinese Medical University,Hangzhou 310006,China
*Corresponding author:TAN Jian-gang,Associate professor;E-mail:tjg78@sohu.com
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